Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier
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DV8 RS-7 Hammer Forged Rear Bumper

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DV8 Hammer Forged rear bumpers were designed and built with hardcore wheeling in mind. Inspired by King of the Hammers style racing and crawling these bumpers are designed to perform on the rocks where you need protection the most. All of the Hammer Forged front bumpers have heavily reinforced mounting plates, great departure angles, and are made of thick, high tensile strength steel. The steel thickness of each part of the bumper was chosen to keep strength up and weight down, certain parts of the bumpers are made of 1/4" steel while others are made of 3/16" steel depending on the amount of abuse that each part is likely to take. The result is a lighter, stronger bumper that is ready to take on the toughest challenges that you will throw at your Jeep. 

RS-7- Highlights:

  • Simple, light weight design\
  • Won't interfere with stretch kits
  • Good departure angles
  • Great for those who have relocated the spare tire
  • D-Ring Mounts 
  • Comes with 2 D-Rings
  • Highest Clearance rear bumper in the Hammer Forged line. 

*Will not fit with stock tire carrier and 35+ inch tires

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