Lift Kits 1500 (2002-2008)

Tuff Country 2 Inch Torsion Key Leveling Lift Kit with SX8000 Shocks

    • Torsion Key Leveling Kit
    • 2 in.
    • Incl. SX8000 Shcks
    • Shck Boots
    • Torsion Bar Keys
    • Rr View Mirror Hanger

Tuff Country's Leveling Kits level the front of your truck or SUV with the rear, allowing for slightly larger tires and eliminating the nose-down, factory rake. Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension was one of the original manufacturers of suspension leveling kits for trucks and SUV's and all Tuff Country Leveling kits are made of the highest quality materials. Engineered to maintain a factory or near-factory ride quality on all vehicles.

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