Armor and Protection for JKU (4 Door)

Poison Spyder Ricochet Rockers (Bare Steel)


Technical Details

  • 4-door models
  • Dimpled step plate for easy entry
  • Frame-mounted for ultimate strength
  • Protects the Jeep’s rocker panels from damage on the trail
  • 1.75” OD x .120” wall DOM main tube with 1.5” x .120” wall DOM slider tube

Poison Spyder JK Ricochet Rockers™ provide rocker protection for the Jeep JK’s vulnerable body sheet metal, while also providing a convenient step for easily entering and exiting the Jeep. JK Ricochet Rockers™ are rigidly mounted directly to the Jeep’s frame to provide the best protection possible without relying on the Jeep’s comparatively weaker body tub for support. DOM tubing sliders keep the sides of the Jeep a safe distance away from the rocks, while the formed and dimpled metal plates act as both entry steps and strengthening gussets. Available for both 2-door and 4-door 2007 to present JK’s.

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